I'm Neenet!

I help busy women heal their gut + take charge of their health for GOOD, so they never have to diet again.

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About Neenet Hairapetian

I'm on a mission to teach you how to eat.

After working with hundreds of busy corporate
women at Disney, I've learned that most women aren't
approaching nutrition in a sustainable way.

Now at Pencil Yourself In, I'm building transformational programs for women who want to revitalize their health and nutrition and ditch diets - for good. My goal is to reconnect you to your body's intuition, and work with your body, not against it.


My philosophy is approaching health from a bio-individual perspective. You're unique, and your health protocol should be unique to you too.


Most of our health system is focused on treating symptoms versus healing the root cause. I help you work on your root cause so you don't experience the symptoms. Can't digest carbs? I'll work with you on restoring digestive function- NOT eliminating carbs. Have 30+ food sensitivities? I'll work with you on healing your gut - NOT eliminating more foods.



  • Master of Science - Human Nurtrition & Functional Medicine
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist - nationally recognized board certification (candidacy in progress)
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • MBA w/ 10 years in corporate recruitment for Disney, PwC, & NBCUniversal



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